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Hi and welcome to my blog.  Hopefully you have visited my blog to read some of my writing.  Nothing beats finding that perfect poem, phrase or story to explain how you are feeling.  Often times I am asked to write something through my group on Facebook entitled "Prompted".  This group will give me a picture or a phrase and I have to write something containing it.  The first prompt for which I wrote "The Flight" required three words, owl, lightning and pudding.  The second was my basis for "Wide Awake" Sometimes I just have a feeling and start writing and when this happens just let me be.  A combination of these writings are what I wish to convey to you, my reader.  I hope that my writing touches you in the same way it touches me as I write it because isn't that the purpose of a poem is to feel it? 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Jewish Family

A Jewish Family

His family they are huddling, listening for the footsteps,
Wondering who tonight the Gestapo have come to arrest,
Their friends and their families have all gone away,
Their union is strong but how much will they have to pay,
For the closed minded horror that this new regime brings,
And the people they hate - they  hate just about everything,
Through it all they hide in a bunker that his hands steadily built,
But in this instant his father looks around defeated with the guilt,
For not having had enough money to get his family away safely,
He pleads on deaf ears to his god to lead his family to safety,
It goes on and on as they hide hidden away from the world,
This family is fighting everyday including a boy and a girl,
One son and one daughter, whom they love way too much,
They hide them away from the world where they start to lose touch,
They manage to hide for years thanks to his Pa's great thinking,
And one night the boy becomes a  man without even blinking,
Unaware of the danger  his dad goes out to find some food,
He is surrounded in the forest and instantly is gone for good,
The Nazi's have come rounding up all the people that are in hiding,
They hear the screaming and the gunshots in the hole where they are abiding,
Shaking and Nervous they wait and they pray for this war to end very soon, 
One day they will return home to their farm, where they have plenty of room,
If they are found they will be sent off to a concentration camp if they are lucky,
They are fighting for their lives but in this hole, their nerves are feeling plucky,
They are bickering a lot amongst themselves, nervous, confined to that hole,
The Nazi's have stolen their homes and their lives but they cannot have their souls,
And then one day they notice something is strangely out of place,
After hours of debating the silence,  they slowly creep out of their base,
People are wandering everywhere and one person screams and shouts,
"Our dreams have finally come true- the War is over just about!"
After 4 years of hiding,  this family starts the walk to their home,
And realize that someone is living in it and it is no longer their own,
Their Old neighbor takes them in and gives them a place to stay,
They save their money and buy back the farm living for a new day,
The work is so hard and starting over a chore especially for the boy,
But he does it as a lasting tribute to his dad who the Nazi's used as a toy,
And then one day in blinding sun while out plowing the fields to the east,
The sweating boy looks up from his plough to see a starving beast,
The beast is walking towards him with a limp and a huge smile,
The smile widens and is coming closer, closing the distance of miles,
The boy is mesmerized watching and he can't believe his eyes when he sees,
The beast is not a beast at all but a human that was hidden by the trees,
And the boy is taken aback as he recognizes the man not seen for years,
The same eyes are smiling back at him and both sets are full of tears.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

How I feel today

Here I sit surrounded with work for school,
On such a lovely morning what's a girl to do,
I am trying really hard to study I promise I am,
But how can a girl study when the day beckons like a lamb,
The sun is shining high and a cool ocean breeze blows,
And all my good intentions are gone as I look out the window,
I want to be out there on this glorious day and hop about, insane,
Not stuck in front of this computer trying to write about things so lame,
I don't want to know right now how to recruit for a job,
Or writing a business plan right now makes me want to sob,
I want to be at the ocean enjoying the beautiful day,
The ocean breeze blowing all my cares away............

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today is a sad one indeed

For those that do not know me personally, today has been a very sad day for me.  I just found out that one of my best friends from High Schools neice was involved in a shooting and is clinging to her life in shock trauma.  This I write for you Kristen Loetz and for your brave friend CJ who gave his life trying to protect you!

For Kristen and CJ

I live this life and look around and see,
So much violence today what are we,
doing to our young that they think this is okay,
I wish I could turn these morbid thoughts away,
A beautiful girl cut down in her prime,
No thought to reason no thought to rhyme,
Living her life to be a nurse, attending school,
Shot down at her home by someone so cruel,
A boy who was an ex decided that day,
A gun to end the hurt was the only way,
I don't know where the violence will end,
But my love to her family I wish to send,
I pray so hard that she will pull through,
And one day be able to finish school,
Its sad all around no matter how you look,
The seriousness of this crime that this young man took
Not only did he shoot her but also her friend,
Who stepped in to to help her, tried to make amends,
Her friend tried to calm him down but there was no end,
To the violence in him and now the friend is dead,
Shot for just being there and trying to help her,
But the violence in this young man a friend could not deter,
It's bad stuff all around and while I sit weeping,
For my friend and her family my thoughts are creeping,
I hope and I pray the young woman pulls through,
And does all in her life that she is meant to do,
And for now all that I know is I will continue to pray,
Words are never enough to say what I need to say,
For all of her loved ones that hold her so dear,
These Words are so empty to them I fear,
But maybe with some time and help from above,
They can know how much we pray, how much they are loved.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thank God

Watching the sunshine fade into night,
Fills you with awe an amazing sight,
And what about that feeding humming bird,
Fluttering his wings so fast his image is blurred,
And That family of rabbits hopping to their den,
No one that's seen them knows where they've been,
And the mosquito's now are starting to buzz,
As day fades to night, they buzz just because,
It's nature's true call in all of it's glory,
Children settle down for bedtime stories,
And as busy as your day has been,
Just sit down and think of what you have seen,
Nothing compares to a warm soft wind,
Or the sound of a creek softly bubbling,
The soft light that descends from the sun,
Reminds us of summers full of fun,
The day now is coming to a close,
Did you enjoy the smell of that rose?
And just when you sigh and call it a day,
Did you think just once and stop to pray,
To thank God for all that is right on earth,
Or do you give God a super wide berth?
For if not for the creator who gave us this gift,
These beautiful sights meant to uplift,
Then who should we thank when we appreciate,
These wonderful gifts that only he could create?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Things that go Boom in the Night

The whole world sits back and watches sulkily,
As chemical bombs hit the people of this dynasty,
Children dying and crying all through the night,
This nation is struggling with all of its might,
The world sits back and watches so unsure,
Of who ordered what of who is keeping score,
All that matters is the innocent with their lives are paying,
The ultimate price while leaders are obeying,
Trying to conform to the letter of the law,
Watching in silence they hem and they haw,
What's to be done for the people that are dying,
Is anyone's guess the whole world is crying,
The government's of the world shrugging their shoulders,
While all around these people bombs are dropping like boulders,
Filled with chemicals meant to maim and kill,
The cries of the people tormented and shrill,
How can the world sit back and do nothing,
They would rather sit back instead of doing something,
While innocent people live in horror everyday,
Afraid to sleep you can hear them pray,
Someone must do something without second thought,
Of the cost to themselves other wars have been fought,
To oust the people responsible for this atrocity,
They should pay the ultimate price for this monstrosity,
And God forbid the countries that could lend a hand,
Are fought by their own people stick their heads in the sand,
The people are rioting and picketing and protesting,
While these people die,  they are in their beds nesting,
It's not their concern the affairs of the world
As long as they don't have to pay with their sons or their girls,
Concerned for themselves and all in their keeping,
These people can die who cares stop your weeping,
Well sleep tight tonight in your beds while they fight,
Afraid of all things that go boom in the night.