Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thank God

Watching the sunshine fade into night,
Fills you with awe an amazing sight,
And what about that feeding humming bird,
Fluttering his wings so fast his image is blurred,
And That family of rabbits hopping to their den,
No one that's seen them knows where they've been,
And the mosquito's now are starting to buzz,
As day fades to night, they buzz just because,
It's nature's true call in all of it's glory,
Children settle down for bedtime stories,
And as busy as your day has been,
Just sit down and think of what you have seen,
Nothing compares to a warm soft wind,
Or the sound of a creek softly bubbling,
The soft light that descends from the sun,
Reminds us of summers full of fun,
The day now is coming to a close,
Did you enjoy the smell of that rose?
And just when you sigh and call it a day,
Did you think just once and stop to pray,
To thank God for all that is right on earth,
Or do you give God a super wide berth?
For if not for the creator who gave us this gift,
These beautiful sights meant to uplift,
Then who should we thank when we appreciate,
These wonderful gifts that only he could create?

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