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Hi and welcome to my blog.  Hopefully you have visited my blog to read some of my writing.  Nothing beats finding that perfect poem, phrase or story to explain how you are feeling.  Often times I am asked to write something through my group on Facebook entitled "Prompted".  This group will give me a picture or a phrase and I have to write something containing it.  The first prompt for which I wrote "The Flight" required three words, owl, lightning and pudding.  The second was my basis for "Wide Awake" Sometimes I just have a feeling and start writing and when this happens just let me be.  A combination of these writings are what I wish to convey to you, my reader.  I hope that my writing touches you in the same way it touches me as I write it because isn't that the purpose of a poem is to feel it? 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Tudor Dynasty

The whole fate of England hangs in the balance,
King Henry the VII is coming he is very valiant,
Margaret Beaufort finally has her prayers answered,
Her son becomes king because he lived and served,
According to her it was all in God's plan,
And now all the traitors are explicitly banned,
From the court and the life they once knew,
Some heads will be chopped peace will rule,

But to venture near the crown puts one in peril,
And his reign will be held like wine in a barrel,
Maybe he was mad like his forefathers before him,
With the strain of it all his sanity slowly dimming,
Because he swears that there are so many,
Plotting to take his reign for a single penny,
He will never know peace in his own mind,
For the death of two princes at his hand, was he blind?

The one thing he knows he has found a good wife,
In her he finds the one thing he has never had in life,
And as a result a solid relationship blooms,
Out of a marriage that everybody says was doomed,
He finds the peace that he seeks in his new queen,
She loves him and guides him to Margaret's chagrin,
He has been on the run and hiding through life,
And finally he can stop and enjoy his new wife,

And Elizabeth plays her part as queen to the hilt,
And together the Tudor Dynasty is finally built,
But if you think the throne is finally secure,
The madness is just starting waiting for more,
Their son Henry the VIII is standing in line,
And his reign will be madness a sure sign,
He will never have a son to secure the throne,
And finally a female will rule on her own.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The House on the Hill

There stands a faded mansion on the edge of town on a hill,
A forlorn branch from a forlorn tree scrapes the window sill,
The front porch has seen better days the paint is all chipped,
And any past time of elegance, time has severely stripped,

The shutters that once hung so pretty are hanging all askew,
And the metal roof is rusty but was beautiful when it was new,
Today it's just an abandoned house that has seen better days,
And on this Halloween night listen closely to what I have to say,

Every house that has ever been built tends to have a tale,
This one is no different so listen closely as I regale,
The story of this house that has seen much better times,
Gather round and listen as the midnight hour chimes,

The garden paths are obliterated, age has done its job,
Listen very closely now you may still hear her sob,
A lovely lady owned this place and lost everything,
On that stormy night when her husband went missing,

A vengeful sea, hungry for every last ship in its sight,
Took this lady's captain away without even a fight,
They say she died from the grief of it all and still to this day,
If you listen you can hear her crying that's what the townsfolk say,

They also say if you sit quietly you may see her float by,
Moaning and crying to herself her hands held up to the sky,
Cursing the gods and lamenting about a heart that never heals,
Another time another place her sorrow she will make you feel,

All of the love that she felt for her man, her one and only love,
And if you approach the front porch you may get a little shove,
Such a sad tale with such a sad end leaves scars that still abide,
And when you hear her mourning you could think she's still alive,

But that is not to be this night we have not heard a single cry,
Look right there do you see what I see?  She is floating right on by,
And look even further there is another ghost calling for her to come,
She is floating happily forward to that ghost, do hear the drums?

As she approaches the other ghost gives her such a courtly bow,
And she flings her spirit into him I cant believe its happening now,
They are re-united on this Halloween night right before our eyes,
And now this quiet little town will no longer have to suffer her cries.

New owners at last are working so hard to make it look brand new,
But even they say that now that she's gone the place still feels a little blue,
And they say that they still sometimes see the captain and his wife,
They are reunited at last and still in love, in death as they were in life.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Night

Halloween can be an eerily creepy night,
Filled with things to make you die of fright,
The kids trick or treat  totally unaware,
Of the nightly things going on screaming beware,

They do not see the bat waiting to change,
into a blood thirsty creature seeking a vein,
Nor do they see the ghosts looking around,
for a place to haunt that isn't hallowed ground,

They knock on all the doors hoping for a treat,
While the world all around sounds the retreat,
For the creepy crawlies coming out of the earth,
Or the zombies crying out loud for a re-birth,

Parents watch your children as fate is riding high,
They disappear like magic, in the blink of an eye,
A witch could sweep down from the sky riding on a broom,
And grab a child so quickly with just a little room, 

The kids will never see the danger coming right for them,
That is your job as parents-keep them safe from mayhem,
Kids are so excited and they do not see the tolls,
Of The price they may have to pay on this night of old souls.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

No Other

No other love would stand the test of time, 
No other love would feel so sublime, 
No other love would be so strong, 
No other love would last so long, 
No other love could hit you like a long shot,
No other love could burn so bright, so hot, 
No other love could forgive past mistakes, 
No other love could heal heartaches, 
No other love would make you feel this great, 
No other love would anticipate a first date, 
No other love would be so carefree, so wild, 
No other love-except the love between a mother and a child.

Thinking of Tomorrow

What is wrong with this world today?,
People always worry what their neighbors say,
They always compete to keep up with the Jones,
And along the way they cast the stones,
That somehow always come back to haunt them,
They should act like each day is a precious gem,
A gem that a higher power has bestowed,
So they could have a chance to know,
The happiness that true friends can bring,
Instead they walk around like they're missing something,
And when the answer rings loud and clear,
They hang they're heads and pretend not to hear,
For a valuable lesson they have learned,
It is better to love than for hatred to burn,
and when they begin this new life with love,
all of the problems they will rise above!


Sometimes I wonder what my life could be, 
Sometimes I wonder about life's uncertainty, 
Sometimes I think I'm a know it all, 
And Sometimes I think i missed the call, 
Sometimes happens more often than not, 
Sometimes be grateful for your lot, 
Sometimes life cant go your way, 
And when you think they wont, they may, 
So Sometimes when you think life is hard, 
Or that your life has dealt you not a card, 
Sometimes think of the people who care, 
Sometimes you'll see you get more than your share. 
Sometimes think of a butterfly on the wind, 
Sometimes think of the beauty that's within, 
And sometimes you will soon come to see, 
That this is what life is supposed to be. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Curb Jumper

How did that curb jump up in front of me?
And make me fall flat most unbecomingly,
A broken foot is the battle wound needing to mend,
To the hospital in an ambulance I did not intend,
So here I am now sitting my foot in a boot,
Lifted up from the floor the pain finally moot,
My knees are all scraped and continue to burn,
My ego is deflated my pride stubbornly torn,
An embarrasing act with too many witnesses,
Co-workers and bosses laughing at my fitness,
Well not really laughing and definitely concerned,
They came right through for me undeterred,
I can honestly say my name should be grace,
Maybe somehow that could help me save face,
One thing I know for sure most definitely,
I will stay away from that curb indefinitly,
So to the rear of the building with no curb to bite me,
I will park there and walk there and stay upright and see,
Who is the next person that curb will bite,
Not me for sure I will stay out of it's sight.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Love Lost

The barren winter scene looks so forlorn,
Just ice on the branches the leaves all shorn,
She cries on in the day like the night before,
Her heart has been shattered she can stand no more,
The love letters that flowed for years and years,
Dried up overnight but cannot dry her tears,
For a love that was so great just meant to be,
Her shattered heart, in the end, is just a tragedy,
She thought it was real the love that she felt,
But for him just a fling just another heart to melt,
And melt hers he did in so many ways,
His touch or his kiss could make hers sway,
She said to herself she would marry him someday,
But she wasn't good enough for him they say,
And through all her tears and cries for the past,
She wonders will she find a love that will ever last,
She cannot think of things that may be in the future,
For now her tears are acting just like a suture,
Mending her heart but encasing it in ice,
She decides then and their love is not nice,
She will never again wear her heart on her sleeve,
Where men like him can play it and leave it to freeze,

And now looking at the scene several months later,
The trees have their leaves spring is here- nothing greater,
Her heart feels the sun and begins to respond,
The ice melts so slowly the hurt still hasn't gone,
But the sun seems to be working it's magic,
She thinks of bygone days that seem so tragic,
Of the love that she lost just this past winter,
It doesn't hurt so bad now feels like a splinter,
And the days are so lovely just out of reach,
So she goes with her friends and heads to the beach,
Time to let the hurt go away and begin to heal,
A few moments was all she had left to steal,
She spends the day in the sand hanging with friends,
Where all day she was normal at least she can pretend,
She must get on with her life let go of the past,
But still she wonders why love did not last,
Will she mourn his loss for the rest of her days,
Or find someone else to help find the way,
Finding someone else is out of the question,
So she hangs on to the pieces with her depression,
And on her way home she cannot help but shop,
And buy flowers for his grave, she has one more stop.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Suffer the Children

A girl all alone sits on her bed praying for salvation,
A little boy cries in the night for the wrongs of this nation,
Pedophiles are released to carry on their lives as if it didn't matter,
Of whose child they abused I don't know what is sadder,
That we continue to let these criminals go causes me to worry,
Suffer the children, oh lord, listen for once to this story,
The little girl that is praying for you to please come and save her,
That man that her mommy calls love is bound to come in a blur,
The things he does to her body makes it hurt all over,
And tomorrow he will act as if nothing is wrong when he is sober,
Why does he do those horrible things when he visits her bedroom?
He is supposed to love her mother yet his love fills her with doom,
If he is going to be part of her mothers life she will have to run away,
He has already taught her too much about life she hangs her head in shame,
And believes that it is all caused because of something that she does,
She doesn't understand it is not her fault he does it just because,
And mommy the one person who is supposed to love and protect,
Has failed miserably surrounded by drugs she sadly loses her quest,
And the little boy that lives all the way on the other side of town,
Crying into the night he saves the fight for the road he must go down,
The woman his daddy is seeing hates him and gladly shows it,
As daddy goes out to go to work he prays silently where he sits,
But no matter how quietly he sits she will still find a way,
To beat him and black and blue why can't she just go away?
He remembers what it was like with his dad before she came along,
Yet his dad is blinded by her love and doesn't see what she does wrong,
He is tired as hell of this woman who fills his world with her hate,
He wishes to the core of his soul his dad could find someone else to date,
His Dad never listens to him but always believes in her lies,
Oh that bruise?  He got that when he fell off the slide,
He is a normal red blooded American boy playing at the park,
And these things just seem to happen to him it is such a lark,
His dad refuses to see how his boy is changing her hate consumes him,
He wants to scream at the entire world, hatred fills him to the brim,
Daddy won't see what is front of him he claims he loves her still,
And daddy wants him to shut his mouth and he does because he knows the drill,
Suffer the children of this earth oh Lord did you know how it all would turn out?
That the children today would suffer this much I am sure you saw - no doubt,
Can't someone just for once show these poor kids how much they have to give,
And free them from their bonds so that they can be just what they are-just kids.

Friday, October 4, 2013

What a week!

What a week!

Oh wow what a week, busy as a bee,
Not a single moment to let loose, be me,
Mid term was a bear studying every night,
Work was not much better everyone out like a light,
Our government can't get along they think they wear a crown,
And while they all bicker our government shuts down,
People on furlough they are hurting us with out a care,
Why should they care they are still getting their share,
It just kills the working class people who are barely hanging on,
Who fight for an old belief,  whose days may be long gone,
A way of life they have known for all of their lives,
Is gone now buzzing in the past like an ancient beehive,
People are losing their dreams of a country in the past,
And wondering how long their savings will continue to last,
And turn on the news these days its all filled with propaganda,
Losing sight of the right they fought for it's called the  miranda,
Our children are going to be left with this mess we call our country,
The debts of the next generation to pay who cares as long as they are comfy,
And one morning driving to work my head filled with these thoughts,
What happened to the country I knew, for which our forefathers fought,
I say it is time to step up and say that we can take no more,
Of your governance and intolerance and more that you have in store,
For your middle class people who are losing their ground slipping to poverty,
Everyone else can see it except those in the powers that be,
But isn't it our jobs as citizens to right the wrongs of those in control?
And only until we can do that will we be relieved of paying that toll,
While the government realizes for all their sins the people must pay,
I am glad to make it through the week, especially glad it is FRIDAY!