Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Curb Jumper

How did that curb jump up in front of me?
And make me fall flat most unbecomingly,
A broken foot is the battle wound needing to mend,
To the hospital in an ambulance I did not intend,
So here I am now sitting my foot in a boot,
Lifted up from the floor the pain finally moot,
My knees are all scraped and continue to burn,
My ego is deflated my pride stubbornly torn,
An embarrasing act with too many witnesses,
Co-workers and bosses laughing at my fitness,
Well not really laughing and definitely concerned,
They came right through for me undeterred,
I can honestly say my name should be grace,
Maybe somehow that could help me save face,
One thing I know for sure most definitely,
I will stay away from that curb indefinitly,
So to the rear of the building with no curb to bite me,
I will park there and walk there and stay upright and see,
Who is the next person that curb will bite,
Not me for sure I will stay out of it's sight.

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