Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Night

Halloween can be an eerily creepy night,
Filled with things to make you die of fright,
The kids trick or treat  totally unaware,
Of the nightly things going on screaming beware,

They do not see the bat waiting to change,
into a blood thirsty creature seeking a vein,
Nor do they see the ghosts looking around,
for a place to haunt that isn't hallowed ground,

They knock on all the doors hoping for a treat,
While the world all around sounds the retreat,
For the creepy crawlies coming out of the earth,
Or the zombies crying out loud for a re-birth,

Parents watch your children as fate is riding high,
They disappear like magic, in the blink of an eye,
A witch could sweep down from the sky riding on a broom,
And grab a child so quickly with just a little room, 

The kids will never see the danger coming right for them,
That is your job as parents-keep them safe from mayhem,
Kids are so excited and they do not see the tolls,
Of The price they may have to pay on this night of old souls.

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