Saturday, October 5, 2013

Suffer the Children

A girl all alone sits on her bed praying for salvation,
A little boy cries in the night for the wrongs of this nation,
Pedophiles are released to carry on their lives as if it didn't matter,
Of whose child they abused I don't know what is sadder,
That we continue to let these criminals go causes me to worry,
Suffer the children, oh lord, listen for once to this story,
The little girl that is praying for you to please come and save her,
That man that her mommy calls love is bound to come in a blur,
The things he does to her body makes it hurt all over,
And tomorrow he will act as if nothing is wrong when he is sober,
Why does he do those horrible things when he visits her bedroom?
He is supposed to love her mother yet his love fills her with doom,
If he is going to be part of her mothers life she will have to run away,
He has already taught her too much about life she hangs her head in shame,
And believes that it is all caused because of something that she does,
She doesn't understand it is not her fault he does it just because,
And mommy the one person who is supposed to love and protect,
Has failed miserably surrounded by drugs she sadly loses her quest,
And the little boy that lives all the way on the other side of town,
Crying into the night he saves the fight for the road he must go down,
The woman his daddy is seeing hates him and gladly shows it,
As daddy goes out to go to work he prays silently where he sits,
But no matter how quietly he sits she will still find a way,
To beat him and black and blue why can't she just go away?
He remembers what it was like with his dad before she came along,
Yet his dad is blinded by her love and doesn't see what she does wrong,
He is tired as hell of this woman who fills his world with her hate,
He wishes to the core of his soul his dad could find someone else to date,
His Dad never listens to him but always believes in her lies,
Oh that bruise?  He got that when he fell off the slide,
He is a normal red blooded American boy playing at the park,
And these things just seem to happen to him it is such a lark,
His dad refuses to see how his boy is changing her hate consumes him,
He wants to scream at the entire world, hatred fills him to the brim,
Daddy won't see what is front of him he claims he loves her still,
And daddy wants him to shut his mouth and he does because he knows the drill,
Suffer the children of this earth oh Lord did you know how it all would turn out?
That the children today would suffer this much I am sure you saw - no doubt,
Can't someone just for once show these poor kids how much they have to give,
And free them from their bonds so that they can be just what they are-just kids.

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