Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Tudor Dynasty

The whole fate of England hangs in the balance,
King Henry the VII is coming he is very valiant,
Margaret Beaufort finally has her prayers answered,
Her son becomes king because he lived and served,
According to her it was all in God's plan,
And now all the traitors are explicitly banned,
From the court and the life they once knew,
Some heads will be chopped peace will rule,

But to venture near the crown puts one in peril,
And his reign will be held like wine in a barrel,
Maybe he was mad like his forefathers before him,
With the strain of it all his sanity slowly dimming,
Because he swears that there are so many,
Plotting to take his reign for a single penny,
He will never know peace in his own mind,
For the death of two princes at his hand, was he blind?

The one thing he knows he has found a good wife,
In her he finds the one thing he has never had in life,
And as a result a solid relationship blooms,
Out of a marriage that everybody says was doomed,
He finds the peace that he seeks in his new queen,
She loves him and guides him to Margaret's chagrin,
He has been on the run and hiding through life,
And finally he can stop and enjoy his new wife,

And Elizabeth plays her part as queen to the hilt,
And together the Tudor Dynasty is finally built,
But if you think the throne is finally secure,
The madness is just starting waiting for more,
Their son Henry the VIII is standing in line,
And his reign will be madness a sure sign,
He will never have a son to secure the throne,
And finally a female will rule on her own.

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