Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is coming approaching too fast,
Nobody notices anymore the die is cast,
They are giving it up to barge right on through,
To Christmas day and it makes me blue,
A holiday meant to be for the bounty,
Thankful for friends in the next county,
Pilgrims and Indians celebrating as one,
Thankful and Grateful for all they had done,
The very first feast was all about food,
The harvests that year were awfully good,
The Indians they taught the Pilgrims good stuff,
How to live on a continent with barely enough,
How to grow crops way out of season,
And give thanks for the bounty without reason,
Two different people coming together,
Without any prompting what so ever,
Maybe we can learn something after all,
The lessons are there if we heed the call,
Be thankful every day for all that you got,
And learn to appreciate your life and your lot,
Take the time and just enjoy Thanksgiving,
Leave Christmas in December and start living,
The stores need to close and give time off,
For people to appreciate and have enough,
Time off to enjoy this day with family and friends,
Opportunity abounds around every bend,
Remember the first time they celebrated this day,
And learn history's lesson it will lead the way.

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