Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that things are taking place,
No reason, no rhyme, no saving face,
Your unwelcome attention drives me mad,
But rumor has it that your crazy just a tad,

Tongues that go wagging, words meant to cut,
Makes me rise higher because I feel them in my gut,
Words are my friends and I use them well,
You just didn't know it, I guess you couldn't tell,

And the gossip mill is spinning with all that hot air,
Your lies are my friend they make you seem bare,
I am who I am and I am sorry for your fate,
The words you spew speak for your hate,

My words won't change they speak true,
Rumor has it that you don't have a clue,
The more you lie and try to sow dissent,
Show wasted words, your character's spent,

I know that I can rise above your lies,
My character speaks words while yours die,
So I will continue to be me no matter what,
And rumor can have it your lies are just that.

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