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Hi and welcome to my blog.  Hopefully you have visited my blog to read some of my writing.  Nothing beats finding that perfect poem, phrase or story to explain how you are feeling.  Often times I am asked to write something through my group on Facebook entitled "Prompted".  This group will give me a picture or a phrase and I have to write something containing it.  The first prompt for which I wrote "The Flight" required three words, owl, lightning and pudding.  The second was my basis for "Wide Awake" Sometimes I just have a feeling and start writing and when this happens just let me be.  A combination of these writings are what I wish to convey to you, my reader.  I hope that my writing touches you in the same way it touches me as I write it because isn't that the purpose of a poem is to feel it? 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Job To Do

See that grass way up on that hill?
That’s a job I have to fill,
I have to cut it in blazing sun,
What a job it’s no fun,

I spy the cardinal up in that tree,
It sings to the lawnmower so free,
He gets to sing in the tree not a care,
While I sweat and I moan- it’s just not fair,

Well to get it done I must get started,
So away I go the mower has departed,
But I will be back again to spy,
Exhausted I am sure so this is goodbye


They claim it was a justified shooting,
Are they prepared to deal with the looting?
One trial kept the whole nation guessing,
Hoping that Zimmerman would be confessing;

25 days the whole nation was waiting,
while tensions rose and then were abating,
Now they are rising again - it just doesn’t stop,
All because someone acted like a cop,

A 17 year old boy has lost his life,
The family I pray will move on without strife,
They lost their son to “Stand your ground”
Amidst the lies and rumors that abound,

The fight I believe should not end here,
Justice was served nothing to fear,
I hope they take this to Tallahassee,
To change the law - make it less murky,

The law should be stated in black and white,
So people can defend themselves, put up a fight,
But unless the people bring about this change,
Another trial abounds that will be just as strange,

This trial has torn two families apart,
Let’s not forget let’s make a new start,
Let’s take this fight as high as it can go,
The wheels of democracy spin so slow,

If you really want to see justice done,
Save a life, Save someone’s son,
Change the law that is not very clear,
Or the next life that’s lost could be someone dear.

You see it really is not all about race,
More of the demons we all must face,
For Trayvon we mourn and do our best,

The law has to change to pass the test.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A fire for Mr. Frost

A backward sunrise going west to east
Trying to tame this inner beast,
My heart is bleeding a very bright Crimson,
Shattered in a thousand pieces-not very winsome,

I imagine in my mind that I am Miss White,
Are we the same age? Similar in height?,
We have a problem my heart is beginning to linger
On a single thought-her wedding band on my finger,

Desire burns my body wrapped  by fire and then ice,
If he were here today I would try to entice him,
Yet I know in my heart that road isn’t taken,
This story’s played out- years in the making,

If only’s surround me my mind starts to balk,
Just listen closely as I need to talk,
I ramble I know but it just feels so right,

It keeps this old woman warm on a cold winter’s night.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Swing

It was a hot summer’s day everyone’s at the beach,
Except for one child who mother was a leech,
She was supposed to give the better things, you see,
Yet She is too doped up so she let’s her child be,

As she lay there too stoned to do anything,
The child she bore wished for a swing,
He thought that if he had a swing he could fly,
Fly away child and never wonder why,

Addiction you see is stronger than love,
The beatings you get along with a shove,
Just goes to show how strong it can be,
The child just swings and longs for the sea,

He sits there and knows that his time is coming,
A few more drinks then the pushing and shoving,
And who knows maybe this time she will bring out her belt,
And the child will pray she won’t leave a bruise or a welt,

Hopefully this time she will be too drunk to try,
To beat her poor child he hopes and he sighs,
Yet here it comes she is screaming his name,
He is trying to hide his face with the shame,

You see sometimes hell is right here on earth,
It started the day that she gave birth,
And he fears that one day she will kill him,
Why doesn’t someone help, go out on a limb,

And then one day somebody makes a call,
Child safety comes out and breaks down the walls,
They take him away to a new mom and dad,
And soon he forgets the nightmares he had,

Hugs and kisses and Patience go a long way,
And the doctors help him to say what he needs to say,
Mom get help I love you still to this day,

I just want to be normal so I had to go away.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome to My Blog!

Oh How exciting I have my first blog,
The time is right to take you along,
On a writing adventure we will go,
come on let's hurry dont be slow,

So buckle up its gonna be quite a ride,
As I try to get known far and wide,
These poems are so easy on your eyes,
And will leave you sighing in a sigh,

So come on along and watch my work,
Someday you may even see them in a book,
Blogspot.com is where you will find me,
Just look up my name it’s Tina Galli

Our Dad

Our Dad was steady, Our dad was strong,
He tanned our hides when we'd done wrong,
He loved us all and was always there,
Our dad was special he showed he cared,

Sterling his first born natural son,
He showed you to work til the work was done,
Michael the blacksheep so you thought,
He showed you to sow what you wrought,

Tina and Sandy he took right in,
And showed them a life they had forgotten,
For Bruce and Jan he did the same,
For along with the love of his life these 2 came,

And lets not forget his sisters and brothers,
They made up the Waltons and loved one another,
The family he came from played a big part,
In gifting our dad with a giving heart,

His love for his family could not be hidden,
His love for his grandkids was real, unbidden,
We are all better people because he was so smart,
We lay him to rest with broken hearts,

Our Dad can never be forgotten or replaced,
He's gone home to be with Granny-time would not wait,
And even though we mourn the man and are sad,
Know in your heart he was special because he was "our" dad!

Ricki's Poem

You were a part of our lives for so many years
The time spent together cant dry our tears
we are so sad that you left us there is no doubt
we cry and we cry when we want to shout
no other dog can replace the void we feel
our love for you was strong and so very real
always ready to greet us with a bark and a smile
i dont think we will get over it not for a while
you were everything that we could ask for in a pet
you can never be replaced that's a sure bet
for now we are sad and miss you so so much
we miss your smile, your love and your touch
we come home at night and there is a deep void
we go thru the day like robots-missing ricki androids,
we know you're in heaven and that is how it has to be
but you were more than just a dog, you were OUR ricki.

Lessons Taught

I know you are my daughter when I see my strength in you,
The lessons I taught you  while growing up taking their cue,
Peeking their little heads up in this wild  roller coaster called life,
Pushing you forward and pulling you back causing you so much strife,
You have suffered in this life and yet  known great joy at the same time,
Sometimes it seems a futile task and it sometimes seems so sublime,
But do not give up the fight for somewhere, someplace God has a plan,
We may not know what it is but for once just imagine it if you can,
When the pressure gets you feeling like there really is not any hope,
Please pull on these lessons I taught because I know they will help you cope,
My daughter I love you so I taught you these important lessons to show you,
In your hour of need the lessons I taught you came shining right through,
To pull you back from an Abyss that could be never ending and far reaching,
I look at you in awe when I realize that you learned all of my teachings,
And I see you are doing so well and my heart swells with pride,
One thing for sure my love,  our family love cannot and will not hide,
It is there on our sleeves I love you my lamb and I know you love me too,
So God must have a plan somewhere because he brought  me to you


The gleaming white rope around her neck, they adorned with grace,
What once must have been a pretty fa├žade, her beautiful face, 
Looking at her now you would never know, the life that could be told,
From that gleaming white rope with a clasp made of solid gold,
The pearls that she had worn for most of her life, lay there still,
If they could form the words that necklace could tell her life by sheer will,

How happy she had been when the love of her life gave her that necklace, 

Though they could ill afford it when it came to her he was reckless,
The joy that would become their lives, the memories alive in that strand,
Could tell the whole truth keeping tabs and writing the story in the sand,
Every pearl on that strand stood for a year that they shared their lives,
How many you say? Too many to count - at least fifty-five,

As she walked down that aisle to a new life, the strand was there to stand witness, 

And when the time was ripe and her children were born to attest to their fitness,
Five in all but only 4 grew to adulthood -the pearls were there when she buried her son,
they shared every aspect of her life even this time when she thought her life was done,
A mother’s heartbreak never fully heals, clasping her pearls she shed many a tear,
For her baby boy crying in the night - cries that she knew that she would never hear,

She wore the pearls wherever she went and they gladly shared her life,

Even when her baby girl grew to womanhood and herself became a wife,
Adam, Penny, Jack and Ana-her children, her husband, her life & her family,
She lived for them and they lived for her, they loved each other mightily,
And to Jake her husband she hung the moon and there would never be another,
He could not imagine his life without her- the pearls would know no other,

To be buried like this after so full a life the pearls to take their place in the coffin,
A reminder of all that had been their life together he would remember them often,
When they bent over to give final goodbyes the tears sliding over their white surface,
To be buried with her at long last as they had served a long and useful purpose,
They Counted her life in years, those pearls, her heartache, her joys and her sorrow,
And sadly for this family who loved her dearly there would not be a tomorrow,

In the blink of an eye the service was over and as they left the church,
Her family could not believe the sun shining bright leading the way like a torch,
And when they lowered that casket in the ground the woman and pearls alike,
Even though they were cold now they were once so very much alive,
And the people mourning at the graveside that day husbands, sisters, brothers,
Knew the pearls would stand as a testament for their love of one another.

Angels Above

There are angels above us with wings to fly,
Above the universe and above the sky,
In our greatest need they fly down to guide us,
To do the right things without a fuss,

They are all around working thier magic
You are a lucky person if it's you they pick,
They will guide you, teach you and you will see,
Angels are behind the things that be,

Graced by God to do his divine work,
They try to teach you not to be a jerk,
To be kind to others and do what needs done,
To enjoy your life and have some fun,

They graced the earth once upon a time,
Gentle souls called above all on a dime,
They flitter, they flutter but what does it matter,
somehow their going causes the world to seem flatter,

So follow your path and let the angels guide you,
The angels that left this earth will follow it through,
To care and show you that their love was real,
So you Never forget the way they made you feel,

To finish the business that got left behind,
To show they love you all of the time,
Not just here on earth but forever and ever,
The ties that bind can never ever be severed.


A darling baby girl you turned out to be,
Even when you came 2 months early,
The prognosis was good you gave such a fight,
for mommy and daddy- you were love at first sight,

God had other plans but know this: we mourn and,
You were part of our family the day you were born,
Our hearts are now heavy that you have gone away,
Summer vacations that won’t ever be played,

So many things happened to end your fight,
We struggled in vain with all of our might,
If love and prayers could just conquer all,
We could bless the day to see you crawl,

No happy ending for us here on earth,
We will never forget the day of your birth,
I know you are in a much better place,
But who would forget your beautiful face?

Your big sister anna, your mommy and daddy,
Loved you with all they had they would take you back gladly,
Your grandma’s, grandpa’s, cousins, uncles, aunts,
Would give all they had to hold you- one last chance,

You have other caretakers to step up to the plate,
To hold and to love you while, for us, you wait,
For the day that we join you up there,  above,
Baby girl you have our hearts and our love,

I hope up there you are healthy, happy and wise,
And that people who love you answer your cries,
May they hold you and mold you until we arrive,
And then heaven will hear us all - singing your lullaby,

I don’t know what to say I just can’t find the words,
To write the feelings down so they can be heard,
This mourning takes time that’s what they say,
But I can still hear your cry like it was yesterday,

They say it will get easier but I do not see how,
I wish I could see you in your crib right now,
I know that you felt it all that love and concern,
And until we see you again we will continue to mourn.

The Flight

The Flight

Lightning lights the sky tonight,
A lone owl screeches with all of its might
The sound seems lonesome and so cold
And is a sight seldom get to behold

The old woman in the window
Gets to see the whole show
She wonders where her life has gone
She is all alone like the owls song

Holidays spent making bread pudding and ham
Her family all gone-what a sham
All moved away or dead in a grave
Memories don’t leave these she saves

On a stormy night she sits all alone
Memories surround her all she has done
What will they all do when she dies?
She closes her eyes and wonders why

These thoughts won’t do on such a night
She gets up and turns out the light
Going to bed now to hold the thoughts at bay
One last look out the window as the owl flies away.

Friday, July 5, 2013


It was a perfect day, the sun shining brightly,
So as Not to disturb this scene I tread lightly,
I lie down basking in the sun, admiring the view,
Catnaps such as this are precious and few,

Soon I am woken by a drum that is beating,
I look around and I frown my perfect world deleting,
My dead mother is there shaking me like a rattle,
Wake my dear daughter you dream of a battle,

Suddenly I wake fully alert to the danger,
A battle for sure nobody around but strangers,
I know in my heart I must start to run,
I run and I run then collapse down in the sun,

My heart is racing filling with dread,
Sweating & Shaking I sit straight up in bed,
My voice is hollow forming a scream,
It was only an echo of a dream in a dream.