Sunday, July 14, 2013


They claim it was a justified shooting,
Are they prepared to deal with the looting?
One trial kept the whole nation guessing,
Hoping that Zimmerman would be confessing;

25 days the whole nation was waiting,
while tensions rose and then were abating,
Now they are rising again - it just doesn’t stop,
All because someone acted like a cop,

A 17 year old boy has lost his life,
The family I pray will move on without strife,
They lost their son to “Stand your ground”
Amidst the lies and rumors that abound,

The fight I believe should not end here,
Justice was served nothing to fear,
I hope they take this to Tallahassee,
To change the law - make it less murky,

The law should be stated in black and white,
So people can defend themselves, put up a fight,
But unless the people bring about this change,
Another trial abounds that will be just as strange,

This trial has torn two families apart,
Let’s not forget let’s make a new start,
Let’s take this fight as high as it can go,
The wheels of democracy spin so slow,

If you really want to see justice done,
Save a life, Save someone’s son,
Change the law that is not very clear,
Or the next life that’s lost could be someone dear.

You see it really is not all about race,
More of the demons we all must face,
For Trayvon we mourn and do our best,

The law has to change to pass the test.

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