Friday, July 12, 2013

The Swing

It was a hot summer’s day everyone’s at the beach,
Except for one child who mother was a leech,
She was supposed to give the better things, you see,
Yet She is too doped up so she let’s her child be,

As she lay there too stoned to do anything,
The child she bore wished for a swing,
He thought that if he had a swing he could fly,
Fly away child and never wonder why,

Addiction you see is stronger than love,
The beatings you get along with a shove,
Just goes to show how strong it can be,
The child just swings and longs for the sea,

He sits there and knows that his time is coming,
A few more drinks then the pushing and shoving,
And who knows maybe this time she will bring out her belt,
And the child will pray she won’t leave a bruise or a welt,

Hopefully this time she will be too drunk to try,
To beat her poor child he hopes and he sighs,
Yet here it comes she is screaming his name,
He is trying to hide his face with the shame,

You see sometimes hell is right here on earth,
It started the day that she gave birth,
And he fears that one day she will kill him,
Why doesn’t someone help, go out on a limb,

And then one day somebody makes a call,
Child safety comes out and breaks down the walls,
They take him away to a new mom and dad,
And soon he forgets the nightmares he had,

Hugs and kisses and Patience go a long way,
And the doctors help him to say what he needs to say,
Mom get help I love you still to this day,

I just want to be normal so I had to go away.

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