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Hi and welcome to my blog.  Hopefully you have visited my blog to read some of my writing.  Nothing beats finding that perfect poem, phrase or story to explain how you are feeling.  Often times I am asked to write something through my group on Facebook entitled "Prompted".  This group will give me a picture or a phrase and I have to write something containing it.  The first prompt for which I wrote "The Flight" required three words, owl, lightning and pudding.  The second was my basis for "Wide Awake" Sometimes I just have a feeling and start writing and when this happens just let me be.  A combination of these writings are what I wish to convey to you, my reader.  I hope that my writing touches you in the same way it touches me as I write it because isn't that the purpose of a poem is to feel it? 

Friday, July 5, 2013


It was a perfect day, the sun shining brightly,
So as Not to disturb this scene I tread lightly,
I lie down basking in the sun, admiring the view,
Catnaps such as this are precious and few,

Soon I am woken by a drum that is beating,
I look around and I frown my perfect world deleting,
My dead mother is there shaking me like a rattle,
Wake my dear daughter you dream of a battle,

Suddenly I wake fully alert to the danger,
A battle for sure nobody around but strangers,
I know in my heart I must start to run,
I run and I run then collapse down in the sun,

My heart is racing filling with dread,
Sweating & Shaking I sit straight up in bed,
My voice is hollow forming a scream,
It was only an echo of a dream in a dream.