Saturday, July 13, 2013

A fire for Mr. Frost

A backward sunrise going west to east
Trying to tame this inner beast,
My heart is bleeding a very bright Crimson,
Shattered in a thousand pieces-not very winsome,

I imagine in my mind that I am Miss White,
Are we the same age? Similar in height?,
We have a problem my heart is beginning to linger
On a single thought-her wedding band on my finger,

Desire burns my body wrapped  by fire and then ice,
If he were here today I would try to entice him,
Yet I know in my heart that road isn’t taken,
This story’s played out- years in the making,

If only’s surround me my mind starts to balk,
Just listen closely as I need to talk,
I ramble I know but it just feels so right,

It keeps this old woman warm on a cold winter’s night.


  1. Just a few comments about this poem:
    1. It was written as a response to a blog who said to write a poem about your first love of poetry be it a poem or a poet.
    2. My first love of poetry came from reading THE ROAD NOT TAKEN BY ROBERT FROST.
    3. I based my poem on his life and his poetry.
    4. The first line is meant to stand for his life which began in California then went to Massachusettes and then to England.
    5. The maiden surname of his wife was White.
    6. The rest was created from the titles of some of his most popular poetry.

    1. 7. Crimson was used as a direct reference to his Harvard attendance.