Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Flight

The Flight

Lightning lights the sky tonight,
A lone owl screeches with all of its might
The sound seems lonesome and so cold
And is a sight seldom get to behold

The old woman in the window
Gets to see the whole show
She wonders where her life has gone
She is all alone like the owls song

Holidays spent making bread pudding and ham
Her family all gone-what a sham
All moved away or dead in a grave
Memories don’t leave these she saves

On a stormy night she sits all alone
Memories surround her all she has done
What will they all do when she dies?
She closes her eyes and wonders why

These thoughts won’t do on such a night
She gets up and turns out the light
Going to bed now to hold the thoughts at bay
One last look out the window as the owl flies away.

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