Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lessons Taught

I know you are my daughter when I see my strength in you,
The lessons I taught you  while growing up taking their cue,
Peeking their little heads up in this wild  roller coaster called life,
Pushing you forward and pulling you back causing you so much strife,
You have suffered in this life and yet  known great joy at the same time,
Sometimes it seems a futile task and it sometimes seems so sublime,
But do not give up the fight for somewhere, someplace God has a plan,
We may not know what it is but for once just imagine it if you can,
When the pressure gets you feeling like there really is not any hope,
Please pull on these lessons I taught because I know they will help you cope,
My daughter I love you so I taught you these important lessons to show you,
In your hour of need the lessons I taught you came shining right through,
To pull you back from an Abyss that could be never ending and far reaching,
I look at you in awe when I realize that you learned all of my teachings,
And I see you are doing so well and my heart swells with pride,
One thing for sure my love,  our family love cannot and will not hide,
It is there on our sleeves I love you my lamb and I know you love me too,
So God must have a plan somewhere because he brought  me to you

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