Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ricki's Poem

You were a part of our lives for so many years
The time spent together cant dry our tears
we are so sad that you left us there is no doubt
we cry and we cry when we want to shout
no other dog can replace the void we feel
our love for you was strong and so very real
always ready to greet us with a bark and a smile
i dont think we will get over it not for a while
you were everything that we could ask for in a pet
you can never be replaced that's a sure bet
for now we are sad and miss you so so much
we miss your smile, your love and your touch
we come home at night and there is a deep void
we go thru the day like robots-missing ricki androids,
we know you're in heaven and that is how it has to be
but you were more than just a dog, you were OUR ricki.

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