Saturday, July 6, 2013

Angels Above

There are angels above us with wings to fly,
Above the universe and above the sky,
In our greatest need they fly down to guide us,
To do the right things without a fuss,

They are all around working thier magic
You are a lucky person if it's you they pick,
They will guide you, teach you and you will see,
Angels are behind the things that be,

Graced by God to do his divine work,
They try to teach you not to be a jerk,
To be kind to others and do what needs done,
To enjoy your life and have some fun,

They graced the earth once upon a time,
Gentle souls called above all on a dime,
They flitter, they flutter but what does it matter,
somehow their going causes the world to seem flatter,

So follow your path and let the angels guide you,
The angels that left this earth will follow it through,
To care and show you that their love was real,
So you Never forget the way they made you feel,

To finish the business that got left behind,
To show they love you all of the time,
Not just here on earth but forever and ever,
The ties that bind can never ever be severed.

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