Thursday, October 24, 2013

The House on the Hill

There stands a faded mansion on the edge of town on a hill,
A forlorn branch from a forlorn tree scrapes the window sill,
The front porch has seen better days the paint is all chipped,
And any past time of elegance, time has severely stripped,

The shutters that once hung so pretty are hanging all askew,
And the metal roof is rusty but was beautiful when it was new,
Today it's just an abandoned house that has seen better days,
And on this Halloween night listen closely to what I have to say,

Every house that has ever been built tends to have a tale,
This one is no different so listen closely as I regale,
The story of this house that has seen much better times,
Gather round and listen as the midnight hour chimes,

The garden paths are obliterated, age has done its job,
Listen very closely now you may still hear her sob,
A lovely lady owned this place and lost everything,
On that stormy night when her husband went missing,

A vengeful sea, hungry for every last ship in its sight,
Took this lady's captain away without even a fight,
They say she died from the grief of it all and still to this day,
If you listen you can hear her crying that's what the townsfolk say,

They also say if you sit quietly you may see her float by,
Moaning and crying to herself her hands held up to the sky,
Cursing the gods and lamenting about a heart that never heals,
Another time another place her sorrow she will make you feel,

All of the love that she felt for her man, her one and only love,
And if you approach the front porch you may get a little shove,
Such a sad tale with such a sad end leaves scars that still abide,
And when you hear her mourning you could think she's still alive,

But that is not to be this night we have not heard a single cry,
Look right there do you see what I see?  She is floating right on by,
And look even further there is another ghost calling for her to come,
She is floating happily forward to that ghost, do hear the drums?

As she approaches the other ghost gives her such a courtly bow,
And she flings her spirit into him I cant believe its happening now,
They are re-united on this Halloween night right before our eyes,
And now this quiet little town will no longer have to suffer her cries.

New owners at last are working so hard to make it look brand new,
But even they say that now that she's gone the place still feels a little blue,
And they say that they still sometimes see the captain and his wife,
They are reunited at last and still in love, in death as they were in life.

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