Sunday, October 6, 2013

Love Lost

The barren winter scene looks so forlorn,
Just ice on the branches the leaves all shorn,
She cries on in the day like the night before,
Her heart has been shattered she can stand no more,
The love letters that flowed for years and years,
Dried up overnight but cannot dry her tears,
For a love that was so great just meant to be,
Her shattered heart, in the end, is just a tragedy,
She thought it was real the love that she felt,
But for him just a fling just another heart to melt,
And melt hers he did in so many ways,
His touch or his kiss could make hers sway,
She said to herself she would marry him someday,
But she wasn't good enough for him they say,
And through all her tears and cries for the past,
She wonders will she find a love that will ever last,
She cannot think of things that may be in the future,
For now her tears are acting just like a suture,
Mending her heart but encasing it in ice,
She decides then and their love is not nice,
She will never again wear her heart on her sleeve,
Where men like him can play it and leave it to freeze,

And now looking at the scene several months later,
The trees have their leaves spring is here- nothing greater,
Her heart feels the sun and begins to respond,
The ice melts so slowly the hurt still hasn't gone,
But the sun seems to be working it's magic,
She thinks of bygone days that seem so tragic,
Of the love that she lost just this past winter,
It doesn't hurt so bad now feels like a splinter,
And the days are so lovely just out of reach,
So she goes with her friends and heads to the beach,
Time to let the hurt go away and begin to heal,
A few moments was all she had left to steal,
She spends the day in the sand hanging with friends,
Where all day she was normal at least she can pretend,
She must get on with her life let go of the past,
But still she wonders why love did not last,
Will she mourn his loss for the rest of her days,
Or find someone else to help find the way,
Finding someone else is out of the question,
So she hangs on to the pieces with her depression,
And on her way home she cannot help but shop,
And buy flowers for his grave, she has one more stop.

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