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Hi and welcome to my blog.  Hopefully you have visited my blog to read some of my writing.  Nothing beats finding that perfect poem, phrase or story to explain how you are feeling.  Often times I am asked to write something through my group on Facebook entitled "Prompted".  This group will give me a picture or a phrase and I have to write something containing it.  The first prompt for which I wrote "The Flight" required three words, owl, lightning and pudding.  The second was my basis for "Wide Awake" Sometimes I just have a feeling and start writing and when this happens just let me be.  A combination of these writings are what I wish to convey to you, my reader.  I hope that my writing touches you in the same way it touches me as I write it because isn't that the purpose of a poem is to feel it? 

Friday, October 4, 2013

What a week!

What a week!

Oh wow what a week, busy as a bee,
Not a single moment to let loose, be me,
Mid term was a bear studying every night,
Work was not much better everyone out like a light,
Our government can't get along they think they wear a crown,
And while they all bicker our government shuts down,
People on furlough they are hurting us with out a care,
Why should they care they are still getting their share,
It just kills the working class people who are barely hanging on,
Who fight for an old belief,  whose days may be long gone,
A way of life they have known for all of their lives,
Is gone now buzzing in the past like an ancient beehive,
People are losing their dreams of a country in the past,
And wondering how long their savings will continue to last,
And turn on the news these days its all filled with propaganda,
Losing sight of the right they fought for it's called the  miranda,
Our children are going to be left with this mess we call our country,
The debts of the next generation to pay who cares as long as they are comfy,
And one morning driving to work my head filled with these thoughts,
What happened to the country I knew, for which our forefathers fought,
I say it is time to step up and say that we can take no more,
Of your governance and intolerance and more that you have in store,
For your middle class people who are losing their ground slipping to poverty,
Everyone else can see it except those in the powers that be,
But isn't it our jobs as citizens to right the wrongs of those in control?
And only until we can do that will we be relieved of paying that toll,
While the government realizes for all their sins the people must pay,
I am glad to make it through the week, especially glad it is FRIDAY!