Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today is a sad one indeed

For those that do not know me personally, today has been a very sad day for me.  I just found out that one of my best friends from High Schools neice was involved in a shooting and is clinging to her life in shock trauma.  This I write for you Kristen Loetz and for your brave friend CJ who gave his life trying to protect you!

For Kristen and CJ

I live this life and look around and see,
So much violence today what are we,
doing to our young that they think this is okay,
I wish I could turn these morbid thoughts away,
A beautiful girl cut down in her prime,
No thought to reason no thought to rhyme,
Living her life to be a nurse, attending school,
Shot down at her home by someone so cruel,
A boy who was an ex decided that day,
A gun to end the hurt was the only way,
I don't know where the violence will end,
But my love to her family I wish to send,
I pray so hard that she will pull through,
And one day be able to finish school,
Its sad all around no matter how you look,
The seriousness of this crime that this young man took
Not only did he shoot her but also her friend,
Who stepped in to to help her, tried to make amends,
Her friend tried to calm him down but there was no end,
To the violence in him and now the friend is dead,
Shot for just being there and trying to help her,
But the violence in this young man a friend could not deter,
It's bad stuff all around and while I sit weeping,
For my friend and her family my thoughts are creeping,
I hope and I pray the young woman pulls through,
And does all in her life that she is meant to do,
And for now all that I know is I will continue to pray,
Words are never enough to say what I need to say,
For all of her loved ones that hold her so dear,
These Words are so empty to them I fear,
But maybe with some time and help from above,
They can know how much we pray, how much they are loved.

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