Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Young Couple

Day 4, Sunday. An embarrassing moment

A romantic setting the lights are dimmed,
the table is set with candles-romantically trimmed,
As these two lovers eat and see only each other,
As they laugh and flirt and tease one another,

They are so at ease in their relationship,
A night all alone they are joined at the hip,
A young couple in love glad to be together,
Never wanting to be apart please god, never,

They are insane with their love and their time alone,
They are seducing each other and setting the tone,
For a night that for some will be just another night,
But for them full of passion as they hold each other tight,

And as the dawn breaks filtering light in their room,
They know that the day is waiting the day comes to soon,
They decide to continue the fun with a shower,
Just when its getting good her husband stops and he glowers,

They both stand there under the spray of the water,
Looking and Listening to see what’s the matter,
And as he pulls back the curtain to go check it out,
There stands her father in law laughing out loud.

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