Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another writing prompt - Its gets those creative words flowing!

The Prompt:

Life is a Domino

The path we take is never set in concrete;
Like a line of dominoes falling down so neat;
Our path can lead down a road never seen;
The other path makes us wonder what could have been;

But to live the life your supposed to be living;
Can be mightier than a sword bent on giving;
One persons life that fatal blow to kill;
The memories I carry haunt me still;

What if I had the fortitude to withstand the fight;
Did I really live with all of my might?
And how much does karma play a part;
on gifting me with a loving and giving heart?

So I have come to see that a path left untrodden;
Leaves what if memories best left forgotten;
And if you would walk that path now and see;
What do you think would happen to be;

The outcome would be pretty similar to now;
Different people in your life leaves you wondering how;
You are on this path because of life's blows;
The decisions you make the seeds you sow;

So live your life for today and never wonder what if,
The sands of time will continue to shift,
You are on the path you are meant to be on;
Falling down like a domino is part of the fun!

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