Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 30, Friday. A celebrity crush from your youth – spill the beans!

Only one more to go after this :-(

A child hood crush has got to be,
One of the toughest especially,
When your crush is known far and wide,
Listen close and I will confide,
The only boy for me as a teen,
was Richie Sambora if it could have been,
I wish I had met him when I had my looks,
My youth is spent I wish I had took,
a chance to go and get to know him,
But I already knew that chance was slim,
So I just went on with my own life,
And forgot about becoming this mans wife,
His guitar to this day still makes me shudder,
And to look at him now makes my heart flutter,
He has only gotten better looking with age,
Eye candy for sure playing on that stage,
With his life long pal and a band named bon jovi,
He was special then  and now special indeed,
So his name is secretly engraved on my heart,
That way I know we are never apart.

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