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Hi and welcome to my blog.  Hopefully you have visited my blog to read some of my writing.  Nothing beats finding that perfect poem, phrase or story to explain how you are feeling.  Often times I am asked to write something through my group on Facebook entitled "Prompted".  This group will give me a picture or a phrase and I have to write something containing it.  The first prompt for which I wrote "The Flight" required three words, owl, lightning and pudding.  The second was my basis for "Wide Awake" Sometimes I just have a feeling and start writing and when this happens just let me be.  A combination of these writings are what I wish to convey to you, my reader.  I hope that my writing touches you in the same way it touches me as I write it because isn't that the purpose of a poem is to feel it? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Day 6, Tuesday. A favourite quote and why it’s special


“It is what it is” is my favorite quote,
It fits my life well like a warm winter’s coat,
It may seem so silly to like this simple saying,
It’s my life in a nutshell like Eeyore neighing,

So what is so magical about this single verse?
That makes it seem like the saying is terse,
It’s a reality check- life is not worth fighting,
It is what is no matter the fire you are lighting,

When karma steps in and wants something to be,
No matter what you try to do you cry and you plead,
But Karma will take her sweet time to reveal,
Just where she expects you to get your next meal,

So why get yourself and your life in a tizzy?
You can fight so hard it can leave you dizzy,
Karma has it all planned out just fine,
It is what is will happen just in time.