Monday, August 5, 2013

The Pianist

Day 5, Monday. Something you wish you did really well


The curtain goes up to a full house,
The crowd is as silent as a mouse,
Filled with anticipation for the show,
The pianist is famous very well known,

He begins with a melody calming and low,
The sound is pure like new fallen snow,
The crowd is entranced watching him play,
The girl in the front row waits for the day,

That she could play the piano as good as him,
She must practice and practice filled to the brim,
She must make the piano the keys to her being,
And maybe someday she will be seeing,

Herself on the stage performing for a crowd,
Being as good as this pianist for crying out loud,
Her love for the music is deep in her soul,
But alas she lacks the courage to pay the toll,

Her life continues and she grows up gets married,
Forgets of the dream that she once carried,
She wishes that one day she could play that great,
But alas for her now it’s much too late.

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