Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 17, Saturday. Time Travel – where would you go and why?


If I could travel back in time where would I go?
Who would I see? Who would I know?
America wouldn't even be a country quite yet,
The year would be 1500 something I bet,

To whom would my allegiance be sworn?
If 1505 was the year that I was born?
Henry Tudor would be the English King,
How would I survive without central heating?

Oh the joy I think to realize this land,
Long before my living even began,
Would I inspire this fickle sovereign,
To change history to something decidedly foreign?

And if I came to see this dream come true,
Would I be happy there or would I be blue?
Would Henry really love me if I gave him a son?
Or would it be off with my head when the whole thing was done?

It's easy to believe even with all the facts,
That I could live there with him and never look back,
Surrounded by the court and all of its gossip,
But could I survive being in the king's pocket?

Would he fall in love at first sight the moment he saw me?
Would our passion burn so bright re-writing history?
It's easy to dream about what could have been,
Especially when you don't know how you will sin,

Chances are I would Have wound up like poor Anne,
And my life would be dead before it began,
Coming not to the court through noble birth,
People of England laughing I don't share their mirth,

I would probably end up in some English Brothel,
Wondering where I went wrong living in a hostel,
Laying with the nobility for the coin to be spared,
Hoping and wishing that somebody cared,

So time travel for me is no longer appealing,
When I think of all that could happen its very revealing,
So I think I will just stick to the time I am given,
And continue to live the life that I choose to be living.

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