Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 14, Wednesday. Pictures speak a thousand words – share some cherished photos old & new

This would be my Grandmother (She is the lady on the left 2nd Seat by the Happy New Years Sign) and Also a very young and very beautiful Aunt Janet sitting at the end of the table with the sweater on and sitting next to what would be her first husband.  I love this picture and I am envious that they are celebrating New years eve in Germany The year is 1959! 

My mother at an early age

My husband and I attending a family wedding!

My handsome son in his uniform!  One proud Momma!

Tour of duty Iraq! 

A young me!

Okay in order right to left, Tiffany my daughter, Cory my son, Me, Meghan my daughter and my wonderful Mom!  I have great family!  

My brother and his wife Melody

My sister Sandy (on the left) at work!  Nice Job!

Okay left to right again :-).  Dad, My hubby, Cory my son, his wife Melissa and I am front and Center!

Me, My daughter Meghan, the hubby and my son!  

My stepdaughter Elizabeth and Her husband Anthony!  

And what would be a summer day without being on the boat and with our granddaughter, Anna!

Some grandmother/grandaughter love!

Tiffany, so beautiful.  

Anna and Crystal, What's not to love.  I love their sense of humor!

Okay right to left and top to bottom, Dad, Mom (yes I am blessed with 2) Steven my cousin, my Aunt Madge and her husband, top row complete! My wonderful twin brother (well not really but we are as close as twins) Tim with my great and awesome sister in law, Donna, My nephew Samuel with my niece Danielle who belong to my special and awesome brother Clay (well his real name is Grady but he will always be Clay to me) and my beautiful and awesome sister in law, Maelena.  LOVE THEM ALL!

If a picture speaks a thousand words then these pictures of my family will speak volumes.  As anyone can see you can feel the love radiating off of these pictures.  Near or far nothing can ever replace FAMILY!
Enjoy your day!  Until Tomorrow!

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