Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 19, Monday. The Bucket List – three things that you are yet to achieve


I am dreaming in a big way to get the things I want,
I studied and I learned the computer and know how to change a font,
This skill I know will help me all my dreams to fulfill,
And spell check also is important to help me climb that hill,

There is one very important thing in my life that I have yet to achieve,
I want to tour all of Europe I don't care how I get there as long as I can see,
The castles, the history, the architecture that all these countries bring,
I could never be over there long enough to be able to see everything,

And my computer skills will be wasted if I don't write my book,
One day you may even see me on your Kindle or maybe your Nook,
My blog is a way for me to test these oh so turbulent waters,
But unless I finally sit down and write what does it really matter?

And lastly I hope before I take my last breath that I could meet the Queen,
But she is busy and I am sure that this dream will have to remain unseen,
But how I would love to test out the practice and be able to finally curtsy to her,
But alas I am a grounded person and I know this is just a dream, yes sir!

I keep my eyes on the prize and try with all my might to make these things come true,
And maybe someday as I learn the ropes they will but if they don't I have a clue,
That no matter if I do or if I don't I have achieved a lot and my life will have turned out okay,
My children and my family have my heart and soul and nothing can take that away.

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