Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 25, Sunday. Describe a recent dream

The palm trees are blowing like dust in the wind,
The warm breeze from the ocean caresses like a second skin,
Laying on the beach it is such a beautiful sunshiny day,
Children and Adults alike are abundant,  joyfully at play,

I look up from my book and take a look around,
Families are cooking, talking and laughter abounds,
And one little girl frolicking on the north side of the shore,
Throws an old piece of driftwood for her dog once more,

What a wonderful day to spend the day on the beach,
Watching all the activity my whole world is at peace,
So I pick up my book with a smile on my face,
Continue to read while the world keeps up pace,

It is such a wonderful day this one I will remember,
Tuck it down in my brain so one day a memory surrenders,
Everything about this day and how perfect it was,
A dream is a dream but oh what a buzz!

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