Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 18, Sunday. The Bucket List – three things that you’ve achieved

People would be shell shocked to learn about me,
And all of the things that I have achieved;
Important things that make me so happy;
Without bragging or becoming too sappy,

I managed to raise four healthy kids,
Respectful and honest in what they did,
All grown up now they have left the nest,
Motherhood to me was a mighty test,

I managed to get through my wild teen years,
I learned my lessons and shed some tears,
Did some wild things back in the day,
But here I am standing and doing okay,

And lastly I managed to get a degree,
to better myself because that's just me,
It was hard work and took a long time,
But now look at me I am doing just fine,

There are many more things that I could say,
I am proud of myself in a brand new way,
There are things on the list I still want to do,
But alas the list is almost empty there are so few.

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