Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Thursday! Day 8 A guilty Pleasure

Day 8, Thursday. A guilty pleasure

Good Morning!  Today is the first day that I will not create a poem for my blog.  It has already been a hard week and going to get harder before it gets easier so bare with me while I work on getting things done! 

Now onto today’s subject matter a guilty pleasure.

My guilty pleasure is reading.  Mostly Historical Fiction and mainly English History and the Holocaust.  I do not like to read non- fiction because I want to be swept away in the moment.  My pleasure comes I think from being catapulted back in time to a different time and a different place.  If anyone were to check out my facebook page they would see this world enchants me and I honestly believe that I must have lived during that time in another life. 

I also believe a really good author can take you there.  I am a book fanatic and stalk goodreads as much as possible.  I have been introduced to a number of new authors from  this site and I cherish the introductions!  I never would have believed that I could actually follow and converse with many talented authors!  

So there you have it my guilty pleasure and I hope each of you equally enjoy a guilty pleasure of your own!  Until tomorrow…………

On second thought I cannot help but  try……….

She rushes home after a hectic day
To pick up the book she left lay,
Open to the page that she last read,
She could read hundreds of pages before bed,

The phones and the day are easily forgotten,
As she reads about a villain that is bone core rotten,
She forgets all about the path she’s been walking,
The gossip at work that people are talking,

She delves away in a new world of words,
That take her far away to another world,
And these moments she will always treasure,
Its her rock in this world this guilty pleasure.

And if I have not said it enough thank you for visiting my page!  Please free to leave comments!  

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