Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oh, To Be Me

Day 1 of our writing activity starts today so I went ahead and got it written.  The first assignment was  The story of your life in 250 words.  

I have been on this earth for 48 years,
Shared lots of smiles and then some tears,
Been married twice and once divorced,
Have lifelong friends that have seen my worst,

I married my soul mate at age thirty five,
For the first time in my life I felt so alive,
I wasn’t a doormat for anyone any more,
Coming into my own was an awesome score!

My two most awesome days were the births of my daughters,
And the third acquiring my stepchildren when I married their father,
Our blended little family gave me all I had been searching for,
It made me a better person I could not have asked for more.

A blended family of seven-five of them children,
All raised on their own now gives me the kindling,
To put my life story down on paper to write,
A dream I once held brought back to the light,

I got my AA degree when I turned forty six,
On for my bachelors an education to fix,
My wild ways when I was a mixed up teen,
That took me off that path -an education unseen,

My career has taken me through highs and lows,
Helping abused children gives good seeds to sow,
Although it is hurtful and oftentimes full of stress,
A smile on a child’s face makes it all worth the tests,

So there you have it all in a nutshell,
My life story is told like the ring of a bell,
It all seems so ordinary here on this paper,
I still have candles to burn I’ll start with a taper,

I am writing again even have my very own blog,
I have to start somewhere my eyes are agog,
I want this writing dream to come true,
I am focused and real and right on cue,

And maybe someday I will see my name in print,
Or better yet on the best seller’s list,
I will write a book that will be so easy to read,
And finally my blog has started that seed,

So all I can say as I am writing to you,
Follow your dreams this you can do,
Never give up and keep your head high,
Sooner or later you have to try,

I guess that is what I am trying to do now,
A dream to finish even if I don’t know how,
I will figure it out as sure as the sun shines,
I am just that way a mountain to climb,

And climb it I will I have no doubt,
You can count me down but never out,
I have started the steps to lead me there,

And now you know too because I had to share.