Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 23, Friday. Spend $5


Pay it forward when you can,
Especially with only five dollars to spend,
I took pity on this family,
Donated my five to charity,
This family I met stuck at the pump,
Were down and out on their luck,
Fuel gauge on their car sitting on e,
I felt so bad for them I gave gladly,
I know that five dollars is not a lot,
But it was more than this family had got,
It got them home that donated five,
And made me feel good - I came alive,
The little things always count,
For a family full of obstacles to surmount,
I gave it gladly to pay it forward,
Now this family feels less cornered,
So lets all chip in and do our part,
And give the world a brand new start,
Its the things we do that others see,
That will let us remain wild and free,
Do not judge just give what you can,
Helping another gives us hope in man,
It also makes the world a better place to live,
So be good in your heart and for once just give.

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