Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 16, Friday. A first – do something that you’ve never done before and share

Something Old and Something New

Why do something new you say?
Well lets just start I will show the way,
you never know what life will throw at you,
so be prepared to change and start anew,

Sometimes change can bring good things,
And all the joys that new things bring,
I was quiet and alone when starting college,
Missed plenty of new springtime foliage,

I struggled a lot at first especially at math,
But I got it down and now am on a new path,
Working for my first bachelor's degree,
I wanted to prove myself smart to my family,

But now the hard part is over and in a short while,
We will all be laughing and hugging all with a smile,
As I walk that stage and get to the core of my dream,
I gave up a lot of things as worthless as it seems,

I have not given up and continue to fight,
For everything in this world that doesn't seem right,
And it all started out because of a dream that came late,
I chomped at that hook that was hidden with bait,

I tried something new for once in my life,
and never gave up and gave one hell of a fight,
And now it all seems heavenly this ironic fate,
That got me my degree as I turned forty eight.

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