Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 12, Monday. A ghost story – yours or someone else’s

Day 12, Monday.  A ghost story – yours or someone else’s

The House on 3rd Avenue

A three bedroom house sitting in the suburbs of Baltimore,
Nothing special about it eight windows, a porch and a door,
A chance at the good life for this nice little family,
A little girl looks at it in silence to her it looks eery,

Her mother and father seem so happy to make this move,
So she silences her fears and tries to get with the groove,
Everyone seems so happy to be here except her,
So she changes her feelings resentments not to stir,

The house for some reason leaves her quite unnerved,
She cannot put a finger on it and so it seems absurd,
To be afraid of a house like this that her parents love,
She doesn’t understand why she hears the noises above,

Slowly as they live there things begin to change,
She is scared to be alone there its very strange,
And then her sister starts to cry in the night,
And climbs into bed with her begs her to leave on the light,

Soon her sister moves into her room so as not to be alone,
She is amazed that this girl has feelings that mirror her own,
She vows to herself she will never fear the spirits,
That call to them in the night why can no one hear it?

And then one day she is walking through the house,
Home all alone the house is quiet as a mouse,
She sees something unknowing what it is that she is seeing,
A shadow on the back porch that seems to be fleeting,

It scares her so much she flees the house and goes next door,
She will just wait here for her mother to return from the store,
She knows that she will never again be alone in this home,
The sights and sounds that seem to come to her alone,

Her parents split up amidst all the stress and the strain,
It is with bright horizons that her dreams still remain,
And her mother alone cannot afford this place,
They are moving again time to find another base,

The joy that she feels when that house is sold,
Fills her with hope to the root of her soul,
She is glad to be moving away from this venue,
But she will never forget the ghost at the house on 3rd Avenue

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