Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 27, Tuesday. Five interview questions for a historical figure

If I had a chance to interview anyone that ever lived,
What would be the questions to ask what would I give?
The person I would want to interview would have to be,
Eleanor of Acquitaine who better to ask besides she?
Married to two kings and kept in the tower,
Mother to princes oh why the bother?
What would you do different if you could?
Would be the first question if you would,
Be so kind as to answer this- historians would agree,
The most important question for us from history,
The second would have to be what did you learn?
From all the drama of your time it's your turn,
To tell us your story in your own words,
Why did you back Richard? Would have to be the third,
And were you surprised to live in a time,
Where women were disregarded and kept in a hard line?
Henry tried everything and labeled you traitor,
What would you say to him now in a time so much greater?
Would it make a difference if you had lived now,
Where women can vote - stand up and take a bow,
Because you see if you had not suffered and did what you did,
Women today would be slighter still fighting for a bid,
To be considered equals by all the men in the land,
Thank you for your service and lending your hand,
And what would you think of this world that we live in,
This woman before her time would think it full of sin,
She could dress like a man and fight for her family,
She could lead her sons to greatness without going boldly,
Her world would have been so different no tower to keep her,
She could give her support and have a voice without saying sir,
She would be a force to be reckoned with, Oh the tales to be told,
And history as we know it would never unfold.
Could she appreciate the times and how she helped us get here,
Or would she opt out to stay in her time over there?
Her sacrifices were great and her life anything but sublime,
She was a great woman of history born way before her time.

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