Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 9 - A regret

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Today's topic is a regret and while I have quite a few personal regrets I would have to say that the biggest regret in my life is not taking the time to travel when I was younger.  I would have loved to spend some time travelling around the world and getting to know the different cultures.  I would have loved being a travelling hobo when I was younger and getting to see the entire world in a different light.  I believe that instead of pleasing everybody else I should have pleased myself first and not cared so much what everybody else thought.  I still have a lifelong dream of visiting Europe.  I will realize that dream sooner or later and I hope it is sooner as I am getting older now and want to see Europe while I am still in some kind of physical shape to enjoy the ride!  To immerse myself in the history that is all around Europe will be a life long dream realized.

If I had the opportunity I would fly into London and then just take the train wherever I needed to go.  It would have to be an extended vacation for about a month!  There is so much I want to see and do in Europe it would take me a month to be able to do it all!

So there it is in black and white my biggest regret!  Have a wonderful Friday and until tomorrow......

The day she steps up and takes that flight,
Her dreams are realized and everything's right,
She waited a lifetime for this dream to come true,
And here it is at last she has earned her due,

Where she starts has a big clock tower,
And then to a world where tulips flower,
And lets not forget to see the Colliseum,
Or the chance to see a Holocaust Museum,

Her dreams are big and she plans to outdo them,
With the sights she will see next to him,
That special person beside her makes it a reality,
Her passport in hand a lesson in frugality,

She is shaking as she boards the plane,
Excitement makes her feel like she is going insane,
The whole world at her feet for a short little time,
Makes her life so worth living a dream so sublime.

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