Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Day 7, Wednesday. Five songs that bring back memories


“My favorite things” is one of those songs,
When I hear it now it takes me along,
To that day when I saw the Sound of Music,
A memory from childhood may I never lose it,

And then there is a melody that takes me way back,
Who can forget Ac/Dc singing “Back in Black”?
It reminds me of summer nights spent driving around,
Jamming the music and driving all around town,

And I could never forget the time around age eleven,
When I heard Led Zeppelin sing “Stairway To Heaven”,
Who could imagine that song would have such an impact,
To the wild things I did -it seems crazy when I look back,

And then there is me with my Daddy and we are stuck in a ditch,
The radio playing “The Most Beautiful Girl” by Charlie Rich,
We sat in that ditch while he worked on a plan to set us free,
And now that he’s gone that memory haunts me,

And when I was pregnant with my first child Tiffany,
“Sweet Child of Mine” reminds me most definitely,
Guns and Roses would sing that song all the time,
And hearing it now takes me there on a dime,

These are the songs that molded and shaped me,
And created to me some of the best memories,
My life in words and music to keep score,
The music of my life growing up on the eastern shore.

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