Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 29, Thursday. A funny memory

It sure has been challenging and fun!  We are down to the final 3 days of our blog posts and I must say it has been a wonderful experience for me!  My writing has really taken off and my blog has over 1400 views in less than a month!  This to me, as a writer, says more than any dollar sign ever could!  I know people are reading my poems and that is all I want and more!  Thank you to my readers you make it all worthwhile! Now on to today's post!

A funny memory there are so many, how do I narrow it down to one?
I am thinking and remembering something so funny, I almost peed my pants when it was done,
A memory to me that is bittersweet but I can not seem to remember anything else,
Except how I cried because I laughed so hard the tears I wiped away myself,

Some people will not think this story so funny especially when I tell you what we saw,
We went to the movies that night to see Eddie Murphy on stage in his production of "Raw",
The movie itself was hilarious but what made me laugh was the irony of Eddie's words,
He was living my life up on that screen every word hit home the moment was so absurd,

His laughing and joking about infidelity and divorce had me rolling on my side,
The man sitting next to me stonily could only stare because he knew he had lied,
And me sitting there next to him pretending that I didn't have a clue,
About where he had been that day and more importantly with who,

Time has a way healing a heart and by this time I was pretty much done,
I was wishing at this point for divorce but wanted him to be the one,
To suggest leaving and slamming that door so I could just move on,
But alas it just fizzled out along with the things that he had done,

We never talked about that day and his long lists of indiscretions,
My life moved on without him but I am grateful for the lessons,
Of how a man is not supposed to treat a wife especially one so good,
It opened my heart and my life to a man who treats his wife as he should.

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