Friday, August 2, 2013


Okay next blog based on the following:  Day 2, Friday. Five things about you that most people don’t know
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It is hard to write a poem about the unknown,
Especially most vices which won't be condoned, 
I will try to enlighten you with this writing,
Hopefully you won't leave a comment that's biting,

You see most people don't realize I love this computer,
Spend most of my time on here like a lost suitor,
I can't seem to help it I like modern technology,
I keep up with my family and friends without apology,

And my pack a day habit I can't seem to kick,
some day it will kill me but hey what the heck,
I have to die for something one day I guess,
And it helps to handle life and deal with the stress,

i weigh much more now than I ever could have thought,
My waistline is proof of all that junk food I bought,
You see it came on every day a pound at a time,
And getting it off seems impossible no reason to rhyme,

And next don't forget my obsession of reading,
I am always a book worm my mistress for cheating,
I can sail the seven seas with the rising sun,
I read and I read just so I can have some fun,

And the next little addiction that needs to be shared,
I like to sleep nude all naked and bared,
the sheets on my skin are a warm nights caress,
And leads me to sleep without any duress,

So here it is in writing the lesser known things,
And the criticism that these revelations will bring,
So exposing the truth about my secret vices,
Brings only sweetness and visions enticing.

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