Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 31, Saturday. 10 things that you are grateful for today

Well today is the last day of our "Blog for August" Marathon.  There are so many things to be grateful for and narrowing it down to ten will be fun.  I will write more poetry along the way but probably not everyday as I have a very hectic school semester this fall.  Until next time enjoy!

I am grateful for so many things
 so here is my list sure to bring,
A smile to your face for everything nice
 filled to the brim with sugar and spice,
The first thing I can say I am grateful for,
My loving husband who is never a bore,
Finding a man who is a soul mate,
to share my life- thank god for this fate,
A daughter named Tiffany who is my heart,
An awesome young lady from the start,
And then there is Meghan my second born child,
Who fills my life with her spirit all of the while,
And let's not forget my beautiful Crystal,
She can make me laugh she is such a pistol,
And never forget I have the greatest son,
Cory I love you for all you have done,
And last but not least would have to be,
Elizabeth the teacher I am proud to see,
All of my children have found their way,
In a world of confusion I have to say,
I am proud of them all they are all great adults,
I am grateful they have turned out with amazing results,
The 7th thing I am grateful for is the rest of my family,
Who watch my mistakes and make me see,
that family is the best when you let love guide you,
We are family after all stuck together like glue,
The eighth thing to be grateful for my a gift to write,
A dream turned reality finally coming to light,
And you my readers would be my ninth thing,
To thank god for your patience while I get my wings,
And the tenth would be for friends and this life that I live,
For giving me the gifts to be able to give what I give.
And there it is done my list of things to be grateful,
may my life continue to be loving and never be hateful.

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