Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 21, Wednesday. Twenty-one: photos, memories or stories from this year of your life (if you’re not yet 21, choose another age)

I remember what I did when I was 21,
Living alone was a lot of fun,
One of the best years of my life,
A newlywed then a new wife,
A husband that served in the Army,
Moved me away to Hawaii,
I didn't have to work so it was fun,
Laying around soaking up the sun,
Made great friends that I remember,
Warm all year round even December,
Not many kids my age I guess,
Can say they did the same without duress,
I was the girl that did what she wanted,
Left home and family, all alone, undaunted,
To get on with my life away from parents,
Where I could be me so transparent,
I did my thing while I was there
And lived my life without a care,
Smoking weed and partying all night,
Made life seem like it was alright,
It was the way of life that I loved the most,
Hawaii is captivating I was engrossed,
I tried my hand a little at drinking,
I did some things without thinking,
Drinking never took to me,
Nor I to it I preferred the weed,
It was a great time to be had, 
I miss it now just a tad.
I think I just miss my youth,
And there you have it just the truth.

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