Saturday, August 31, 2013

If buildings could talk

What would this building say if it could talk?
Words that can be said not written in chalk,
Especially one that has seen so much,
What it would it say if we could just touch?
Would it tell of lovers in each other arms?
Filled with the passion of it's secluded charm,
A hunger filled passion bumping it's wall,
A couple joined together feeling 10 feet tall,
Would it tell the story of a child riding a bike,
Learning for the first time oh what a hike?
His little legs pedaling as fast as he can
He crashes the bike and cries on becoming a man,
And the little girl who lined up her dolls so pretty,
On the doorstep of the building it seems so silly,
That a building could share what has happened before,
It could tell tales for hours creating it's own folklore,
For all that has happened down through the years,
Buildings can tell of happy times- crowds that cheer,
They can tell the true story of the history,
That surrounds the world with mystery,
Good times, bad time and everything in between,

A building could tell tales of things that are unseen.

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